Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Flowers for Bridesmaid Dresses

We needed to add a bit of pink to the bridesmaid dresses as Gillian had wanted pink shoes to go with them and felt we needed a bit of the pink in the dress as well - I made a few fabric flowers - here are my efforts - she chose the pink and blackcurrant one I made using tim Holtz tattered floral die.

ribbon and fabric twisted flowers -
 much brighter colour in real life - sorry about the awful pic

fabric flower cut with die and ribbon pieces sewn in

These are a much truer colour - they are all this shade of pink believe it or not lol
This fabric was sort of felt like on one side and satin on the other
Rolled roses - two different sizes.

Confetti for the tables - took me 4 hours to punch out this little lot but
it was worth it cause it really added to the table settings
Did them all love heart sort of colours and we had a packet of love hearts in the napkins as a wee token for Valentine's day.



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  2. Goodness Linda, watch your hands with all that punching!! The hearts are wonderful, but your flowers are all fabulous. I love those tattered floral ones too. I'v ebeen having the same trouble with the photos, I think it's all the grey days we keep getting. Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, you really are lovely. Maddy x

  3. These are gorgeous Linda. I dont envy you having to punch out all those flowers. Im sure you had achy hands. Lee x

  4. Awesome work for such flowers. And your work with the hearties. Great on punching.

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  5. Lovely Blog! I have given you an award. If you pop over to my blog you will see what it is!!
    Jane xx

  6. Gorgeous flowers and you are so patient punching out those hearts. xx