Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Saga of Carmen's National Cardmaker's Day Card!

Carmen -I hope you have received your card(or cards?!lol) .
On the docrafts forum there was a swap for National cardmaker's Day. I was partnered with Carmen. I duly made her card and had it ready and waiting to post on Thursday. I took it with me to post on the way to work and as soon as it was in the postbox I realised that I hadn't put the stamp on it! Duh! They were sitting on the front seat of my car. I knew the post would be lifted at 4 o'clock so I went back to the post box at about a quarter to 4 and waited and waited for over an hour but no sign of the postman. I thought I could get the card, stamp it and hand it back to him. I was really cross both with myself and with the non exisitent postie. So I headed home again and managed to make Carmen a second card, which I checked to make sure that it had a stamp on, and got it in the last post. Here are the cards Mark1 and underneath the replacement.



  1. beautiful cards linda.the images are gorgeous and i love the shape of the 2nd card :)

    xx coops xx

  2. Both cards are gorgeous and great images too!
    hugs and xxx