Friday, 29 October 2010

Is this a mess or organised chaos?

No cards today but will start posting my Christmas cards over the next few days. Well my craft room was tidy when I started and after an afternoon and evening crafting this is what it looks like! I had the day off work so after taking my daughter and grandson shopping I settled down to a few hours of Christmas card making. Now you all know that when we get absorbed in our "work" the time flies by and before we know it its the wee small hours and someone - I don't know who - has made an almighty mess. I do tidy as I go along but this is the aftermath of a days crafting, I did make good headway on my Christmas cards though. I daren't show you the mess on the floor! Just thinking too, no matter how big an area you have to craft in it's never big enough!

If there was a challenge for the biggest mess I think I'd enter this into it! lol


  1. Hi Linda, Am I glad to see this 'Mess''s not just me after all, worse part is, when I do tidy up, I can't find anything at crafting space you have there

  2. wow what a great craft space and its not that sure the cleaning faires will pop by later to tidy up for you!! lol